Property Investments

We help you grow your wealth by investing in the most valuable assets such as property. Now boost your super and simultaneously grow your wealth with the superannuation plan. We advise you to gain more prosperity with a stronger retirement scheme.

SMSF Loans

SMSF loan provides you the flexibility just like a home loan, which can get you an investment property. On the contrary, the investment return makes your retirement savings stronger. We guide you to select the right loan for your next investment property.

SMSF Administration

Our SMSF administration helps you to regulate your own fund in a better manner. Our comprehensive administrative solution simplifies your SMSF establishment, compliance service, taxation and audit and investment services.


Our comprehensive and end-to-end support ensures you an easy and quicker SMSF establishment that meets your future objectives.


At D.S Audit Services, we pride ourselves on maintaining high professional standards at all times, whilst ensuring the needs of our clients are met at all times. We also expect the same from our clients and resource providers.

The below list is a group of independent service providers who have consistently maintained a high professional standard at all times.


Carisma Solutions Pvt Ltd – Chennai, India

Carisma Solutions is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company, with its operations in Chennai, India and Melbourne, Australia. With a distinguished accounting pedigree, Carisma Solutions operates with the depth of an institutional player and yet as nimble as a startup.

Carisma Solutions for the past 14 years has delivered comprehensive 360-degree accounting services, including Business Services, Superannuation, Financial Intelligence, Financial Planning, Firm’s Internal Accounting, and Management Accounting are delivered by a team of world-class accounting professionals and a variety of software with a passion to delight clients.

We are ready and fully equipped to take accounting to a new level, in fact, up in a cloud, cloud and on-premises and on-premises software.

For a comprehensive review of your outsourced business solutions, please contact our team of dedicated professionals at [email protected] or visit our website


Sequoia Wealth Management – Melbourne CBD

Providing Investment Advice & Portfolio Management is what Gregory Kouroulis from Sequoia Wealth Management does best. Having worked amongst some of Australia’s most respected stockbroking firms for the past 7 years, Gregory has established himself as one of the industry’s most honest and respectable young guns.

Gregory has a proven track record of delivering outstanding returns to his clients, is a forward-thinker and tells the hard truth about the stocks in his regular bulletin, the Bull Run.

If you need sound and unbiased Wealth Management advice, contact Gregory and the team at for more information.


ComDeeds – Sydney, New South Wales

Comdeeds is a site that specialises in company setups and trust deeds.

Our clients are both professionals and direct clients.

Simple forms, low costs and jargon-free documents and service is what we pride ourselves on.

Our SMSF Deed is one of only two current deeds we are aware of that allows for SMSF crypto investing.

With 20 years of collective legal and super experience in trusts, taxation and company setups, we are well equipped to meet the needs of our clients.

For more information, contact us on 1300 253 429 or visit


A.T Partners Accountants & Business Advisors are based in Dandenong, Melbourne. Our success has been based on our reputation whereby personal service and professionalism has always been at the forefront of our business. We believe that whilst experience and expertise are essential, it is effort and enthusiasm that makes the difference.

We have a great team that is highly trained to provide the highest level of service and expertise. We care for our clients on a one-on-one basis and strive to ensure we are giving an overall service that is tailored specifically to your individual needs.

To experience the personal touch difference, please visit for more information.


Our boutique accounting firm specialises in helping small-medium business owners, investors and successful professionals manage their business and investment affairs.

Our goal is to forge a long-term partnership with clients and by doing so become partners in successful business and wealth creation.

Our qualified and proactive team is focused on providing personalised services that extend far beyond the statutory requirements of accounting services. We look to focus on management, risk assessments, assurance, and development of your business and wealth creation activities.

At Acacia Accounting, we take the view that your financial goals and pathways need to be considered with a holistic approach. Therefore, our accounting services are designed to assist with your business, investment and retirement aspects of your journey to financial success.

For a comprehensive review of your financial needs, please contact Acacia Accounting on 03 9872 5455.