6: Cryptocurrency Roundtable

The host of the BGL Podcast Jorge Tsipos mediates a roundtable with some of Australia’s most forward-thinking members of the cryptocurrency community. We talk with Michael White (CEO New Brighton Capital), Steven Tran, (Chief Investor, CoinTree) and Dinesh Nanayakkara (Principal SMSF Auditor at D.S Audit Services) – with a special guest appearance from Jeevan Tokhi (Product Manager at BGL)

  • What exactly IS a cryptocurrency?
  • The implications of utilising Crypto assets in an SMSF.
  • Capital gains tax and the implications for trustees.
  • Hyperinflation and store of value vs volatility.
  • Diversifications in assets + asset classes.
  • Can you actually regulate cryptocurrency?
  • The future of regulation and investment.
  • IPO’s Vs ICO’s and geographic relocation.

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