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SMSF Compliance Breaches

SMSF COMPLIANCE BREACHES The ATO’s recent report has highlighted a few common breaches. This article will explore these breached in more detail to assist SMSF’s and Acquiring Assets from Family and Associates Let us first establish who a related party of an SMSF is?

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Property valuation and its impact on SMSFs

If the recent news articles are anything to go by, property prices are on the decline. From Sydney to Melbourne, the property pundits suggest that the property prices are set to decline from between 15 – 40 per cent predicted for the next 2 years.

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New Minimum Pension

This article is designed to assist SMSF Auditors, Trustees and Accountants to understand the pension rules and the implication of reducing the minimum pension age to 67 years and what it means for the pension members and their accounts.

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