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Australian Smsf Auditor

We are a leading International SMSF Audit firm specialised in servicing your SMSF Audit needs

At D.S Audit Services, we believe that auditors are the gatekeepers to the superannuation industry.

Since 1 July 2013, only an approved auditor registered by ASIC is allowed to audit an SMSF. Once registered, the approved auditor must meet ongoing competency standards, undertake 120 hours of CPD over a 3-year period and comply with the independence requirements of APES 110. As auditors committed to facing the challenges of the future; we will take over your compliance requirements.

D.S Audit Services has been providing SMSF Audit Services for numerous years in various different practices, being exposed to various levels of audits, from basic audits to the more complex audits including borrowing arrangements and in-house assets. D.S Audit Services have ASIC Registered SMSF auditors, which will remove independence concerns from your practice and consistently provide excellent service.

Our auditors are also accredited with Australia’s superannuation industry body, SMSF Association, as an SMSF Specialist Auditor. A highly recognized and respected accreditation program. Our auditors are continuously improving their knowledge and raising the audit standards.

D.S Audit Services is committed to maintaining a high-quality audit service at a reasonable price. Our audit fees will not cost you the earth and are comparable to the best in the industry. At D.S Audit Services, we believe that transparency is critical to maintaining an excellent working condition with all our clients.

How It Works

Contact for Consultation
Contact for Consultation

Call our office for a complimentary consultation and review of your SMSF Audit activity.

Share Company Goal
Share Company Goal

Let us know your objectives and circumstances you are dealing with. We will make it easier for you.

Find Challenges
Find Challenges

We help you to conquer all the challenges related to your SMSF establishment.

Our Core Values

Our efficient processes and open and active communication with all our clients to ensure clients have an effective and personal approach to the administration of their funds.

Provide High <strong>Quality Services.</strong>
Provide High Quality Services.

We maintain the quality of service that lives up to your expectation. It is fast and relevant to your business standards. Step up your wealth management and a financial prospect with D.S. Audit services.

Delivering On Our <strong>Promises.</strong>
Delivering On Our Promises.

We deliver what we promise. Send us your requirements, discuss with us and get a proper way to secure your retirement. Whether you are new into SMSF or you are an existing member, we will show you the exact path that you require for the financial development.